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  • By: zanityone 4 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 81


    today was quite ****. my tape player stops working and people are being rude and distant. now im gonna be bored. everything is falling out of place.… [more]

    zanityone - male
  • By: desireindisguise 5 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 24

    My blog "is this":

    That Anyone can Read/Learn "about me"; By Visiting my profile AND READING MY EXPERIENCES. 'THAT' is where "I blog"; if Blogging is YOUR thing.… [more]

  • By: RueRaven 5 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 74

    I am the Sun

    Long ago I wrote a post on this very website/blog about leading roles. How we need to be the protagonist in our life stories. Even though we can congratulate other actors for their talents we must alw… [more]

    RueRaven - 18-21 years old - female
  • By: sunrio 5 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 31

    Happiness is a choice.

    HAPPINESS is a choice! You'll be miserable even if you have everything in this world if you choose not to be happy. But even in worst condition you can find joy if you decide to be positive, look at t… [more]

  • By: GoddessAirmid 5 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 126

    [Story In Progress]

    God I hate this place. Michael thought, entering the Grey Medical Center lobby. It was probably named after some stuffy old fart doctor, but it seemed more like an apt description of their office. G… [more]

    GoddessAirmid - 18-21 years old - female
  • By: peterStralia 5 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 281

    My Name peterStralia

    I went to the Salvo's in Byron Bay being Homeless, for considerable time, they were arrogant and abusive and threw me out. peterStralia… [more]

    peterStralia - 56-60 years old - male
  • By: tangledx22 5 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 87

    I love you regardless

    I guess the sad part is how fast I'd go back to him. If he pursued it. I never ever wanted to stop loving him. I never wanted to stop fighting for him. I feel like he can feel me aching for him. We ar… [more]

    tangledx22 - 18-21 years old - female
  • By: MorningBreeze 5 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 148

    Lights, Camera, Action.....Roll 'Em

    Write the script of your own life,rehearse it in your mind,then go out andperform it to the best of your ability.… [more]

    MorningBreeze - 56-60 years old - female
  • By: makster56 5 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 51

    looking for love

    Its been 9 years since my last "relationship" if thats truly what you can call it. I've had absolutely no luck finding anyone willing to give me the time of day let alone be willing to go on a date. F… [more]

    makster56 - male
  • By: Mandaryn 5 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 123


    "Outside" - StaindAnd you can bring me to my knees againAll the times that I could beg you pleaseIn vainAll the times that I felt insecure for youAnd I leave my burdens at the doorBut I'm on the outsi… [more]

    Mandaryn - 22-25 years old - female
  • By: wagnerobdh 6 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 143

    Memperkenalkan Programs

    bebas masalah Daftar Sbobet Mencari tren sbobet memperhitungkan seperti paling wagered pada taruhan di trek. Tips & peringatan jika Anda baru mulai keluar, mempertimbangkan memegang anjing awal-kec… [more]

  • By: swoonbaby 6 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 100


    you wont believe me when i say i want to tear him away . He is just like me. Violates the love he is misssing , he wont believe me , and so he ignores.   I would die and kill and steal and do time for… [more]

    swoonbaby - 26-30 years old - female
  • By: jthitt 6 days ago | Comments 2 | Views 80

    Acceptance and gratitude

    Today it rained again and rather than frustration I was grateful A day to meditate on acceptance a day to search for peaceLooking inside to surrender control to a higher knowingGiving away my fear is … [more]

    jthitt - 56-60 years old - male
  • By: Freestanding 6 days ago | Comments 5 | Views 257

    as thought by me

    Clean your glasses, that would be a good start....maybe brush your teeth.  A long pause, fingers hover at the home-row, I sigh and get up and clean my glasses and brush my teeth.I even changed out of … [more]

    Freestanding - 51-55 years old - female
  • By: sizzahands86 6 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 48

    Sometimes i think there is somthing very very wrong with me...

    When someone crosses me my mind automaticly goes to seeing this person as a threat that should be eliminated "as in no longer breathing" the only thing that stops me from giveing in to this urge is th… [more]

    sizzahands86 - 26-30 years old - male
  • By: peanutman27 6 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 54


    A Scarecrow rests as he sits cross legged on the side of life’s highway, He pokes at the holes in his tattered pants and slowly stuffs the rotting pieces of straw back in. He’s pitied by the birds, fo… [more]

    peanutman27 - male

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