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  • By: charlene1054 2 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 22

    ya its been awhile since the last..

    posting..and I do apologize for not keeping all y'all up to bad and memory loss..ok so whats up with the estro effects on my bod?..many and most not so new, though more ..evolved(?). My **** … [more]

    charlene1054 - 56-60 years old
  • By: wagnerobdh 2 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 104

    Menyederhanakan produk, nyaman Sbobet

    Match Play strategi jika Anda pernah bersaing dalam peristiwa match play, Anda untuk menggunakan untuk turnamen bermain, yang diakui oleh kebanyakan lapangan golf sbobet golf Asosiasi. Pemain juga … [more]

  • By: zanityone 2 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 20


    the power came back on last nite around 11. thank ******* god! i was soo sick of being in the dark. now i can watch tv again!! now i hope my sister can learn something from this and actually pay atten… [more]

    zanityone - male
  • By: snoqueen70 2 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 34

    Child's Play

    Last night I was walking the dog and I came upon a couple of young kids, probably 5 or 6 years old, playing in the family boat which was on a trailer in the yard. It brought back a lot of memories of … [more]

    snoqueen70 - 22-25 years old
  • By: NIGHTWRITER84848 2 days ago | Comments 1 | Views 48

    Important Message Regarging: The Current Status of Our Underground Movement Activity In Further Progress..

    Date: August 30, 2014 West Pacific Time: 7:31 AM Note: This is a brief update regarding our current status of underground movement activity occurring / aggravating this entire surrounding Pacific ocea… [more]

    NIGHTWRITER84848 - 46-50 years old - female
  • By: Rolle2323 2 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 40

    New Troll Information

    If you are targeted by the "jesus" troll, and he or she begins to bombard you with friend requests over and over and over, as he is doing to me, please be aware that he has a new capability. He has no… [more]

    Rolle2323 - 56-60 years old - female
  • By: zanityone 3 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 24


    i came home from my brother's yesterday and the power was still off. i was upset. so i sat and read this book all day. its about people going through trials and hardship and getting through it with th… [more]

    zanityone - male
  • By: BlueTortoise 3 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 33

    I am not an "easy" woman,

    conversely I ask hard questions and expect honest answers: I query simplistic statements regarding life and oft times demand intemperate answers. No, I am not easy.Recently I was demeaned for expoundi… [more]

    BlueTortoise - female
  • By: mtnflier 4 days ago | Comments 1 | Views 19

    It's raining again.....

    and I love it. I can't always fly in it, but I can always walk in it, smell it, feel it against my face. Don't you find it romantic?… [more]

    mtnflier - 41-45 years old - male
  • By: JJSapphire 4 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 75


    As an online writer, I often find myself relating to other people's experiences and then gaining that inspiration to go forth with something, or going and facing a new challenge. From September onward… [more]

    JJSapphire - female
  • By: Barefootconservative 4 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 61

    August 26th; Public Barefooting, Day 37

    Where: Sunoco, only been here once before.When: 9pmWhy: to get gas. And to keep the streak going.Wearing: cargo shorts, t shirt, barefootWeather: cloudy/dry, 75How: parked at the furthest pump possibl… [more]

    Barefootconservative - 41-45 years old - male
  • By: winterfall 4 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 28


    Days go by, we know the sacrifices we pay. Yet life has to pull on.Since many days I wanted to say but everytime I failed my heart cried...but today I just want to burst it all out ..Remember Me as I … [more]

  • By: mysticmoonglow 4 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 40

    My Grandest Dream

    I've lived in TN the past 13 years...I hate it here. It is my wish to move back to Florida...that's where I was born & raised...& my family is there. I need to be rich to move back home...I don't know… [more]

    mysticmoonglow - female
  • By: winterfall 4 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 31

    Cherish the happiness

    My heart feels happy knowing you are happy.Wishes always I send from afar. Be blessed and keep smiling .Enjoy the fruits of life from all aspects but just a little wish do remember a soul somewhere in… [more]

  • By: Rolle2323 4 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 70

    Troll Alert

    Be advised there is a new troll with multiple identities on EP. Caution should be used when adding a new friend with the tell-tales Female age 22-26, Experience "I am New to EP", "I am lonely", with f… [more]

    Rolle2323 - 56-60 years old - female
  • By: MagicBella73 4 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 8

    Weight Issues

    Well I checked with the doctor again this month and although I lost BMI %, I am not at the weight she wants to see me at for a pregnancy. Now I know everyone has heard or seen really overweight women … [more]

    MagicBella73 - 36-40 years old - female

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  • By: wagnerobdh 3 hours ago | Comments 0 | Views 1

    Pemahaman cepat rahasia untuk Agen Bola

    Sepak bola kuadrat adalah cara yang bagus untuk mendapatkan semua orang yang terlibat Mwai Kibaki dan Perdana Menteri Raila Odinga di bandara. null jika Anda yang memilih lebih dari satu kotak untuk d… [more]

  • By: QearlLee 22 hours ago | Comments 0 | Views 28

    When Tomorrow Turns In Today

    When tomorrow turns in today, yesterday, and someday that no moreimportant in your memory, we suddenly realize that we r pushed forwardby time. This is not a train in still in which you may feel forwa… [more]

    QearlLee - female
  • By: trappedwings 3 hours ago | Comments 0 | Views 3

    Forever will be.

    All the turmoils that surround me seem to fade to shifting sand ,when I linger in your presence and gently take your hand.    … [more]

    trappedwings - 26-30 years old - female

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