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  • By: GiantKaiju 1 day ago | Comments 0 | Views 46

    Speed bumps

    Started looking at graduate programs to apply to. This thing is gonna be harder than I thought… [more]

    GiantKaiju - male
  • By: tangledx22 1 day ago | Comments 0 | Views 15

    I told him I changed

    but it was really more becoming who I am supposed to be. I could feel it through my whole entire soul that we were supposed to be together.My primary concern at all times was that he was okay. And if … [more]

    tangledx22 - 18-21 years old - female
  • By: Cootamundra 1 day ago | Comments 1 | Views 20

    Dejavu all over.

    Here we go again, another coalition of the willing to set things straight in Iraq and elsewhere to make the world safe from terrorism, increased airport security, and eventually loss of liberty, it is… [more]

    Cootamundra - male
  • By: LadyLouisiana 1 day ago | Comments 0 | Views 23

    Mondays are better these days for me....

    There is no work for me on Mondays now. Only a four day school week here. So instead of the dreaded Mondays now it's the dreaded Tuesdays...oh well it's better than no work at all....:)… [more]

    LadyLouisiana - 56-60 years old - female
  • By: blog4shley 1 day ago | Comments 0 | Views 54

    Just how to start a Daycare

    The daycare market is booming, and will proceed steadily to do for that reason as the monetary wants make operating moms and dads the common. Everyone attributes witnessed nicely run daycares and, r… [more]

    blog4shley - female
  • By: seckyme 1 day ago | Comments 0 | Views 18


    I really did not want to talk to you here. Well, All other profile I can't get in to.Bad news ! I am sure you saw her when you walked in the house. She is done with me.I asked a friend to help me and … [more]

    seckyme - female
  • By: zanityone 1 day ago | Comments 0 | Views 16


    last week was awful though towards the end it got better. on friday my sister didnt get her paycheck deposited so she had to wait the next day. she called my other sister and she ordered pizza for us … [more]

    zanityone - male
  • By: izzypie 2 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 49

    About Today


    izzypie - female
  • By: citysky 2 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 15

    Things just change

    Was reading my last entry done over a year ago. In that time my beloved dog Lou has died. He had been aging and I can see that now in pictures looking back but just living with him day to day he alway… [more]

    citysky - 51-55 years old - female
  • By: ShybutSweetGirl 2 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 54

    Another stupid internship...

    So theres another internship available. I wish i could have gotten it. but my friend is such a ***** she embarrassed me about something trivial in front of everyone, and even tho i could have said som… [more]

    ShybutSweetGirl - female
  • By: GiantKaiju 2 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 52

    Higher learning

    I've been going back and forth on it all summer, but I've finally decided on going to grad school. I'd like to get at least a $5,000 financial cushion beforehand, but that shouldn't be too hard. I'd l… [more]

    GiantKaiju - male
  • By: roastedacorn 2 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 9

    Rambling thoughts

    I can't sleep tonight. Something is bothering me. I don't know what it is. It is not the bad tire on the car. Not the water softener, again. Not the old garage door. I don’t think it is the weather tu… [more]

    roastedacorn - male
  • By: tangledx22 2 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 16

    Brooklyn Baby

    Every time I'm a little bit happy again, the feeling brings me back to how happy I was with him...which brings me right back down. How ******* stupid is that.It's like a reminder that I'll never have … [more]

    tangledx22 - 18-21 years old - female
  • By: NIGHTWRITER84848 2 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 42

    Part 2 Update Continuation From Sept. 13, 2014... The Underground Movement And More;

    Date: September 14, 2014 West Pacific Time: 2:48 PM Note: This issue posted below will carry through until the next segment is published unless additional information if found regarding this specific … [more]

    NIGHTWRITER84848 - 46-50 years old - female
  • By: wagnerobdh 2 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 58

    Wawasan menyakitkan rencana Daftar Sbobet

    Menjalankan percobaan klasik terus di Lingfield pada Mei pemain di berwarna seragam, malam sesuai dengan lampu banjir, pandangan layar di dalam kegelapan, sbobet berbagai sudut kamera. ' Kuda laki-lak… [more]

  • By: blog4shley 2 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 52

    How exactly to compose a give Proposal for a Daycare

    Starting up or expanding a daycare can want a significant quantity of capital, which could be challenging to find out. Money for daycare or childcare providers generally have truly limitations and m… [more]

    blog4shley - female
  • By: MorningBreeze 2 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 73

    Giving it my all....

    The first of last year, in 2013, he told me out of the blue... Let me help you make your dream come true. .... My dream was to own some land, add this small house and ....just live peacefully. Get a j… [more]

    MorningBreeze - 56-60 years old - female
  • By: LadyLouisiana 3 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 39

    Great weekend....

    Had an awesome weekend..great music, singing and drinking with someone special. Always makes the weekend nice. Also spending time with the grandkids. A laugh a minute. The weather is so nice right now… [more]

    LadyLouisiana - 56-60 years old - female
  • By: lmoses29 3 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 84

    Rug Cleaning and its Importance

    People today continue to get rugs and carpeting fitted in their home solely for the fact that they feel great, plus make their property a far more cozy place to live. Virtually all of Asia for example… [more]

    lmoses29 - female
  • By: EmpressLya 3 days ago | Comments 0 | Views 106

    Practical Nursing Student experience

    I am now in the nursing program at my local community college for Practical Nursing. I have asked many people that have gone through the process for some insight and they give me no feedback. I am not… [more]

    EmpressLya - 26-30 years old - female

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  • By: Elaria 20 hours ago | Comments 4 | Views 30

    Tuesday, Sep 16, 2014

    My boyfriend's parents are leaving tomorrow. Today, he finally got the courage to tell them about us. Well, he told his mom, not his dad. She did not take it well. She said she had no problem with me … [more]

    Elaria - 22-25 years old - female
  • By: peanutman27 12 hours ago | Comments 0 | Views 3

    pinhole of hope

    my mind is a mess, i feel as though i am about to wake from a dream, but what i am waking up to seems to be a nightmare, it is as if the sun has set and i am left with these monstrous thoughts of the … [more]

    peanutman27 - male
  • By: EmpressLya 1 day ago | Comments 0 | Views 47

    Lesbian couple getting ready to meet

    I am trying to raise money for my girlfriend to be able to visit. She is from another country and we only have 2 weeks in January, while I am on break from school to be able to see each other, after t… [more]

    EmpressLya - 26-30 years old - female

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